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Heather Dresen
Heather Dresen • 49 weeks ago

How to get crayon out of clothes that have been washed and dried.

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Getting crayons out of clothing that has been washed

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Soak a hand towel in fabric softener. Squeeze out any remaining drops from the towel. Hang it over a chair (or outside on a clothes line) to dry. My house smelled super clean for the three days while this towel was drying completely. Yes, it took three days! You must make sure it dries completely! After the towel dries you just throw it in your dryer along with clothes and use it as a dryer sheet for 40-50 loads before soaking again.

It's not easy--usually impossible--to get crayon out of clothing after it's been in the dryer. (Don't ask me how I know this..) But---here is a claim that says: How to remove crayon from any type of clothing, even after it's been washed and dried!! Pinner says: (I felt like I won the lotto when this worked!)

How to remove sticker residue from clothing. Because I may have washed clothes with stickers on them... This will come in handy, not that I plan to do it again...

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