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I don't know if we had an Intellivision or if I played at someone else's house, but I definitely remember those cartridges.

Smart House!

My darling Wednesday Adams ala Cristina Richie 1990s

I don't know if I had "Crystal Barbie," but I definitely had that dress and boa/wrap thing, haha.

  • Rebecca Thomas

    I had Crystal Barbie. I thought she was so cool right up until I tried to remove her necklace and discovered it was the worst-designed Barbie accessory ever. (The clasp was molded in such a way that it nearly broke when you pulled it apart and refused to go back together when you put it back on.)

  • Melissa Brogan

    Maybe that's why I can't remember. Barbie faces from the 80s seem pretty interchangeable to me, and I don't remember that necklace...but I definitely remember the outfit!

Another trend where I really don't know what we were collectively thinking.

American Girl was developed in the '80s, and is still popular today. But it seemed like the '90s was when everyone had to have a doll. These American Girl paper dolls were another product of the '90s that were rare but fun.

I kept trying to make my hair blonde with these... I have such dark brown hair that I don't think it did much! After middle school, I graduated to actually dyeing my hair (blonde was always a mistake, though).

Girl Scouts Brownies membership pin and star pin. I still have my star with the green backing, even though I was only in Girl Scouts for a year. Went to camp, though!

  • Leslie Kavanagh

    I was in a year too and still have uniform and these two pins.

  • Rachael Hubbard

    I'm jealous you got to go to camp! I was always way too poor for that. I still have my WHOLE Brownie uniform & sash with all my badges though :)

  • Melissa Brogan

    Rachael, I'm not sure how much was cookie sales and how much was my mom paying my way but I do feel lucky I got to go. We slept in covered wagons. It was a lot of fun. :) Don't think I kept more than the pin and a skunk plushie (lol--don't ask me why it's a skunk!) from camp.

  • Rachael Hubbard

    Ugh NO FIARS! lol. I will now have to live vicariously through my kids, who hopefully will not be considered white trash like I was!

Kitchen Littles Commercial (1997) - YouTube

Li'l Miss Magic Hair. I don't remember if I had one or it was a friend/babysitter. There may have also been a Lil Miss Makeup. I wanted to know how they made the colors disappear!

I had this! I don't think very many people wanted to play it though.

We definitely had this kind of phone. Not sure if the colors were the same... :)