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Remember the reason these men and women fight is to protect the bill of rights and the constitution, (ie: our freedoms). Do not make their deaths in vain by voting for men who do not uphold it. Vote Romney/Ryan

10 of the Greatest Quotes From Women in 2013 | Levo League | Hillary Clinton

Be you and do your own thing

If every state put people over politics and expanded Medicaid through Obamacare, nearly 5.4 million more Americans could get covered.

The Talking Cure for Health Care - Improving the ways doctors communicate with their patients can lead to better care—and lower costs by wsj. Infographic and photo by University of Missouri Health care. #Medicine #Healthcare #Communication

The 10 Secrets of Motherhood. My favorite is number 2. Taken from the book, How to Have Peace When You're Falling to Pieces, by Rebecca Rode.

But Viagra was covered, now they both are.

I feel that this needs to be re-blogged over and over again. Healthcare should not depend on your income or status. It should be a universal right.

Israel spends less than half (% of GDP) what the US does with universal health care and an individual mandate.