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H Richards
H Richards • 2 years ago

MEDIEVAL HAND CANNON: Dating from 1350, this hand cannon is a very crude and rudimentary shoulder arm that represents an important milestone in the progression of gunpowder technology. The piece is nothing more than a hand-forged iron tube that would be filled with black powder, stuffed with makeshift projectiles, shouldered and fired by applying a burning match to a touch-hole.This particular artifact has provenance to the Archduke Eugen collection at Salzburg Castle.

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Medieval Hand Cannon - This European “hand cannon” dates around 1350. They are the earliest known hand-held firearms. The gun tube was attached to a pole and held by the user, while he or an assistant applied a slow match to the touch hole to ignite the black powder propellant charge. Lacking standard ammunition, hand cannons were typically loaded with stones, nails, or other suitable projectiles. Hand cannons were inexpensive to manufacture, but not accurate to fire.

Bombard or Hand Cannon. One of the earliest types of firearms.

Ethnographic Arms Armour - A stupendous hand cannon

A wrought iron cannon dates to the 15th century. Alcázar castle in Segovia, Spain.

The First Guns "Employing the earlier Tang Dynasty era discovery of high-nitrate gunpowder, the earliest developments of the gun barrel and the projectile-fire cannon were found in Song Dynasty China. These 'fire-lances' were widespread in use by the early 12th century, featuring hollowed bamboo poles as tubes to fire sand particles (to blind and choke),

Hand and a half, possibly German, 1400 - 1430, held at the Metropolitan Museum, NY. his sword is an extremely well proportioned and elegant example of a type that was in use throughout Western Europe from the late fourteenth through the fifteenth century.

(Stuart, not Tudor, but close enough) The Armour of Henry, Prince of Wales, 1608 at Windsor Castle England

Smart Phone. Circa 1880, this early switchboard operator hardware weighed 6 pounds.

A small wrought-iron 'hand cannon', late 14th or early 15th century, Royal Armouries. Length of c.240mm and weighs 550gm.

Snowball Fight - Detail from a fresco in Buonconsiglio Castle, c. 1405-1410.