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Planets and moons of the Solar System

This artist concept depicts a quadruple-star system called HD 98800. The system is approximately 10 million years old, and is located 150 light-years away in the constellation TW Hydrae. HD 98800 contains four stars, which are paired off into doublets, or binaries. The stars in the binary pairs orbit around each other, and the two pairs also circle each other like choreographed ballerinas. One of the stellar pairs, called HD 98800B, has a disk of dust around it, while the other pair does not.

Eight Planets and New Solar System Designations

An artist's depiction of the Kepler-47 system. On the left, is the larger of the two planets that orbit the two stars at the centre of the system. At the far right is the second planet, which is smaller and orbits closer to the two stars. The bright white circle at the centre represents the system's primary star, which is about three times bigger and 60 times brighter than the companion star.

near-infrared views of Uranus reveal its otherwise faint ring system, highlighting the extent to which the planet is tilted

It's still a planet to me...

stars stars stars

Voyager Surfs Solar System's Edge: Ed Stone cannot say when the Voyager-1 spacecraft will leave the Solar System, but he believes soon. The latest data from this extraordinary probe, reported in Science journal, suggests it is surfing right on the very edge of our Sun's domain. The particles streaming away from our star have reduced to a trickle at its present location, 18.5 billion km from Earth. On the other-hand, particles flying towards it from interstellar space have jumped markedly.

Top 5 Habitable Alien Planets…