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In this game you wake up in complete amnesia after a car crash in an asylum... no name, no face (your head is completely wrapped up with bandages)... The scary and creepy atmosphere of this game lead to the removal of this game from store shelves one week after it was out in France... I remember looking for it everywhere at the time and finally finding it in a FNAC after asking an seller (the game was indeed for sale but only under the desk...)

Braid - Very clever game... Looks like I won't be able to do the very last level though ;-)

Batman Arkham Asylum is the first stealth game I've ever tried and I'm glad a friend lend me this one as it was a blast... Its sequel is already downloaded in my steam library and I'm quite eager to try it... Maybe I'll also have a look at the Assassin's creed series... Advice anyone?

I've never been fond of FPS... Good news... This one isn't one... It became a true classic thanks to its innovative gameplay and dark humor

Roberta Williams who wrote the stories of the King's Quest Series tries her hand on an horor-themed game and indeed succeeded...