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•Carrie Roberts•
•Carrie Roberts• • 2 years ago

Inside 1945 Buchenwald with LIFE: " German civilians are forced by American troops to bear witness to Nazi atrocities at Buchenwald concentration camp, mere miles from their own homes, April 1945."

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Liberators of Belsen Concentration Camp play with child survivors on a swing set. Soon after April 15th, 1945.

Victims of a forced march; Victims of a forced march between concentration camps of Buchenwald and Flossenburg, 1945. In this photograph taken in April 1945, German civilians are being forced to file past the bodies of victims murdered at the village of Namering by SS guards during a forced march from Buchenwald and Flossenburg concentration camps.

30th April 1945 Liberation of Dachau, US troops opening the door on a freight truck full of dead prisoners. Lee Miller, 8th. April 1945

1945 German SS guards, exhausted from their forced labour clearing the bodies of the dead, are allowed a brief rest by British soldiers but are forced to take it by lying face down in one of the empty mass graves. Bergen-Belsen April 1945. Although the Germans know they won't be shot as they lie where they do, the experience should have been educational -- the feeling of lying face down in a ditch with guns pointed at you.

A resident of Weimar a town near Buchenwald concentration camp watches a pile of corpses after the Americans liberated the camp. The residents said they knew nothing.

Little Dutch girls escort American soldiers to a dance, 1945

  • Susanne Gravendijk Wirth

    This was not in 1944 in Holland. Nazi occupation did not end until May 5, 1945, known now as Liberation Day. MIT is preceded on May 4th every year by Remembrance Day. Canadian troops finally freed the country after five years of tormented occupation, starvation and extermination of the large population of Dutch families who were Jewish

  • Mau Soch

    i found the source and it says 1945 which makes more sense.. http://greatestgeneration.t...

German civilians being forced to bury the dead of the concentration camp at Gardelegen Location:Gardelegen, Germany Date taken:April 1945 Photo by William Vandivert, history, never forget

“The world must know what happened, and never forget.” At the end of the Second World War, General Ike Eisenhower made the decision to personally visit as many Nazi concentration camps as he possible could. His reason? He felt compelled to document the camps, their appalling conditions and the brave souls who survived it. He anticipated a time when the Nazi atrocities might be downplayed or even denied, and as such ordered the filming and photographing of camps as they were liberated

The signing of Germany's unconditional surrender, ending the European spoke of WWII. (May 7, 1945)