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9 Things Your Bridesmaids Want You to Know

They've always been there for you, and as you're planning your wedding, you'll likely need their help more than ever -- here's how to stay in tune with your best friends and keep them happy.
Libby Philip
Libby Philip • 2 years ago

9 Things Your Bridesmaids Want You to Know: They Want You to Put Yourself in Their Shoes

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They Want You to Respect Their Responsibilities: As you're allocating responsibilities, be mindful of their personal lives -- your friend who's trying to make partner at her law firm or who's dealing with a new baby may not have time to assist you with every little task. At the same time, you don't want to cause discord within the wedding party if some maids feel the others aren't pulling their weight. Try to keep a good balance, and remember, there are others who can help out.

They Want You to Tell Everyone About Them: The only thing worse than a coworker who thinks she's invited to your wedding is a friend who assumes she's going to be a bridesmaid. Let it be known whom you've chosen so that neither you nor your bridesmaids feel awkward about it around nonbridal party members

Try to come up with a game plan beforehand of who you need to do what on the wedding day. Then make a second mental list of who else can and has offered to help -- aunts, cousins, ushers, and so on. When little things do come up (which they will), youll be able to rely on that latter team to help you take care of details as needed rather than overextending your bridesmaids.

Don't Freak Out About: Bridal Party Drama So the maid of honor just can't get along with another bridesmaid, or maybe one friend has been acting a little bitter ever since your engagement was announced. The day of the wedding is never the right time to bring up issues and it's not something you should have to worry about. Put your mom, another neutral bridesmaid, or your planner on patrol to make sure the day stays drama-free. #weddingwisdom

They have to shell out for quite a bit over the course of the wedding: dresses, hair, shower and wedding gifts, the bachelorette party, and travel expenses. Take this into consideration and offer help when you can. For example, you can let them know that they shouldnt feel pressured to give you an extravagant shower gift, or if youre having more than one shower, tell them that you dont expect multiple shower gifts. You can also help them track down inexpensive flights or hotel rooms.

Sometimes when youre caught up in wedding-related drama, it can be hard to remember that theres a world outside your wedding. When you meet up with one of your girls, make a point to talk about things that are not related to the wedding. Similarly, when youre really upset -- whether about the wedding or anything else -- youll know shell be there for you, right now and long after the wedding is over.

Dont Bankrupt Your Bridal Party: All of the costs of being in a wedding can add up, so you should think about how your decisions will affect your bridal party, says Francesca Abbracciamento, president of Francesca Events in New York City. At the very least, make their financial obligations clear as soon as possible and try to make choices that don't place too much burden on them. #bridalpartyduties