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this has been so true for me

  • Anna Maria

    No need glen take care get Back to work don't bother to respond your too bizi

  • Glenn Allen

    Maria, I am no longer busy and would like to continue talking to you. I have clients who don't wait for anything but I will make time for you all day and will tell the clients to wait. For a lady like you I will drop everything because you are stunningly beautiful and I cannot concentrate with those eyes of yours making my heart beat so fast. Please come back and talk to me. I am now totally in love with you and I don't care about any client. I fact, I will now sell this business tomorrow and book my ticket at the same time. I have been waiting for a good reason to leave this senseless job and travel. Will you forgive me beautiful Maria?

  • Anna Maria

    But why me ?

  • Anna Maria

    You don't even know me ?

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