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YourHomeBirth • 2 years ago

Margaret Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood and coined the phrase "Birth Control". These are her words on why she supported women having control over their own bodies.

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Margaret Sanger 1879-1966 American Pioneer for Birth Control & Abortion Rights... Also a eugenic who wanted to rid the world of inferior races

Birth control advocate Margaret Sanger has her mouth covered in protest of not being allowed to talk about birth control in Boston. 17 Apr 1929. The men thought our lives would "be too easy" if we were able to control our bodies....HA.

Margaret Sanger (1879-1966) Every sexually-active person who doesn't think twice about parenthood can thank Margaret Sanger. As a nurse on New York City's impoverished Lower East Side, Sanger spent much of her time treating women who were injured during botched illegal abortions. As a result of this, she became convinced that contraceptive control was the primary avenue to freedom (and out of poverty) for women like her mother, who died young after giving birth to 11 children. Though she was ...

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Bill O'Reilly accidentally supported government funding Planned Parenthood.

You take away my birth control, and I'll take away your Viagra.