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Smartie fractions-great way to explain parts of a whole...Great way to "change-up" the lesson and keep their attention! Plus it's yummy!

A whole unit to teach fractions, including anchor charts, notebook ideas, lesson plans, and assessments.

Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators--Lesson 1 of 6 (Common Core Standard 5.NF.1)

5th grade. Geometry, Technology, & Snack Time! I really like this lesson because it teaches these shapes in a hands on method. Students will like this lesson because they will have a snack after the lesson.

5.NBT.3b lessons

Nice visual for prime and composite numbers. #math 4th Grade This is a math worksheet that students could make in the classroom themselves. This is to teach prime numbers and could be a base for multiplication or fraction lesson. Students would like this because its an art project and a beautiful visual in a classroom.

Way to end every day- End of lesson reflection

Fraction Dice Game

Three activities in one to help kids develop benchmarks for 0, 1/2, and 1, compare fractions, and explore equivalent fractions. File includes 88 fraction cards (denominators to 12) with a pictorial including a number line showing 0, 1/2, 1 for continuous reinforcement of the benchmarks. Cards are formatted for easy cutting. $

Freebie Top 25 Tools and Foods to Teach Fractions-Chart - so cute!

Using the Fraction Café, your students can learn about fractions in a fun and creative way by associating a numeric fraction (written on a fractio...

Interesting twist on fraction bingo. In this game, students color in the quilt design and determine the fraction of each square that is colored in their favorite color. Then they fill out their bingo card with the fractions in simplified form and play bingo. FREE