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[GIFS] why do we do this? Supernatural

Maybe I should just make a Supernatural board...

Supernatural post hijacked on tumblr

Supernatural fandom hijacks another tumblr post.


  • #FreeHugs

    I know, i tried, it's just not really my division. Anyways, now I'm too busy watching Merlin and stuff. I watched 1 season in like 3 days or so lol

  • Sam Cantrell

    Oh, yeah, most people either love it or hate it. Didn't Merlin end recently?

  • #FreeHugs

    Yeah, the BBC canceled it. What a shame, I'm loving it so far... Have you seen Hannibal?

  • Sam Cantrell

    No, I haven't, I don't know much about what it's about.

  • #FreeHugs

    Me neither, but I'm kind of curious about it.

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