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I am Trayvon Martin



  • Brian Lee

    No, I speak of them as part of a systematic and economically determined collapse of infrastructure which has essentially eradicated opportunity, just as it does in any civilized society where there are power structures in place, historically and institutionally based upon race or ethnicity. It's called "U.S. History." If you paid as much attention and didn't read Breibart, or listen to the radio blow hards, you'd go see for yourself if there are leaders within the black community demanding personal responsibility, accountability, and economic innovation -- they exist in many numbers, but get no press. They are the ones keeping what is left of these communities ALIVE. But they have tremendous obstacles, and ignorance that you display is one of them. These communities did not go from thriving to collapse overnight -- it happened between the mid sixties to mid eighties, slowly, systematically and for specific reasons, and it ain't laziness, and it ain't some liberal message of dependence. This type of ethnic based oppression exists in ALL societies; when economic oppression comes into play it becomes all that much more problematic. There are segments of Korea which has 90% genetic and racial homogeneity where the same principals of serfdom apply, only there it is not based upon the construct of race, but on family nobility, a la the UK with the Scots and Irish Peasantry. But the reason there is even a black middle class is due to such leaders, and those who fight hard enough and are lucky enough to get out of the inner city and go to college, as Trayvon would have. Your lack of insight is an insult to the honor of the many educated, hardworking, and quite capable African American friends I have, and frankly, it's disgusting. Thanks for displaying how your notion of "race" having nothing to do with this case is completely asinine. Every one of your caustic comments dismantles your own sense of logic regarding colorblindness. Great work.

  • Andie Pauly

    You are honestly comparing the US to Korea? I cannot appeal to your intellect, for you are an emotional beast.

  • Andie Pauly

    The comments defending this boy, and the illiteracy of the authors is indicative of a much much larger problem in our society that is being willfully ignored. I honestly can't see how anyone else doesn't see this as extremely disturbing. The excuse of poverty keeps being used over and over again but poverty doesn't make people violent. Also this is arguably a first world country where all of these children have complete access to free education among other necessities of life. We are running out of excuses here. What it's coming down to are individual decisions, most of them bad.

  • Mel Mad

    Trayvon parents have caused a lot of controversy. It was not a race thing ,zimmerman did not stereo-type cuz he was black. Trayvon fit the description of a suspect that burglarized the neighborhood . Trayvon had prior charges, so his academics alone should not be reason for u to believe he wasnt A THUG. Google his images you'll see him smoking a blunt, showing off $, flipping off the cameras and his tattoo. What parent thinks thats ok.? I grew up in the ghetto and around violence my whole life(w/out my parents). Raised by a drunk.That doesn't mean nor does it give me the right to make excuses for my poor judgement. My brother is in the army and we both think gangs are Jst kids w/ignorant/selfish parents . Looking for something they never had. Someone to be there. It is obvious trayvon parents didn't do their job right @ parenting. All the evidence shows is negligent parents. Now they want to blame someone other than themselves. Zimmerman should not be treated like a murderer. Everyone keeps forgetting that fist can be categorized as a deadly weapon if used w /deadly force. Now trayvon was a football if there's anything he knows how to do. Its use force to win the game. Unfortunately this was not a game and he used excessive force. Therefore causing zimmerman to defend himself using deadly force while fearing for his life. All though I do believe zimmerman should be held accountable for disturbing the peace,possibly manslaughter, but not murder. Let's not forget who called cops. Why didn't trayvon call his parents or police if he felt threatened by zimmerman?

  • Andie Pauly

    Amen, Mel! You are NOT ALONE!

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