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Homemade Icepacks. This is so cool - you use plain doesn't freeze totally solid but like those gel packs you can buy where you contour them to your body. So neat!

Great idea. Must do.

I have tried the Dawn dish soap in a plastic bag, frozen, for use as an ice pack. It works great if it has been freezing for a few hours, but it WILL freeze solid and it's impossible to mold to a shape after that. Then you have to thaw it out, which takes forever. These other uses look like they are worth trying, though! Texasdaisey Creations: 12 Uses For Dawn Dish Soap You May Not Know

Great idea

Weightloss, Recipes and DIY with Kari: ORIGINAL BLUE DAWN . . . IT’S NOT JUST FOR DISHES ANYMORE

DIY Tub and Shower Cleaner. equal parts of warm vinegar and blue dawn....Magic!

Home Made Gel Ice Packs - This is awesome! My back got sunburned so I got one of those huge ziploc bags they have for storing toys and made a huge version of this and laid on top of it.