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Mischief? Managed
Mischief? Managed • 2 years ago

Love. a/n: Misquote by Thomas Jefferson.

  • Julie Day
    Julie Day • 2 years ago

    ♥ this

  • kimberlyj819
    kimberlyj819 • 2 years ago

    love this!!!

  • Prabhakar Edward
    Prabhakar Edward • 2 years ago

    Makes sense.

  • Hayley Davis
    Hayley Davis • 1 year ago

    First of all no one credited this quote, which is not only against Pinterest rules, it opens up all sort of civil issues, copyrights, etc. Second, this isn't even the correct quote. It should read, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” - Thomas Jefferson. I hate that lazy people with subpar intelligence have invaded Pinterest and ruined it for the rest of us.

  • Mischief? Managed
    Mischief? Managed • 1 year ago

    While you make an excellent point your insults simply detract from it completely. You may hate that "lazy people with subpar intelligence" are infringing upon your clearly superior being but I personally hate negative people lashing out at others when it is completely unnecessary. Thank you for informing me of the misquote now please go away and take your negativity with you. I like to keep my pinterest a positive page.

  • M. Harper
    M. Harper • 1 year ago

    Hayley, If this is the type of thing that is bothersome to you, you may want to site the quote on your main page.

  • Hayley Davis
    Hayley Davis • 1 year ago

    No thanks. All I was trying to do here is make sure that it was pointed out that history was being jeopardized in the form of this misquote. It jumped off my computer screen at me and made me sick to my stomach to 1. see that Thomas Jefferson wasn't even credited and 2. that the quote itself was incorrect. That is all I was trying to accomplish. If no one stood up for the preservation of history, language, literature and truth, the world would all be like Pinterest (and there are some horrible, ignorant, immoral people on here). I am not insulting one person on this comment thread though. The only insult I have is to the person who originally created this image with the false quote and no credit to Mr. Jefferson.

  • Tina Kozloski
    Tina Kozloski • 1 year ago

    Haley - your so right. The salvation of the almighty history relies solely on the world of Pinterest. Thank you I feel do much smarter now that you are here.

  • LesleyandTim Roof
    LesleyandTim Roof • 1 year ago

    This quote sounds weird; I prefer the Thomas Jefferson version

  • Hayley Davis
    Hayley Davis • 1 year ago

    I did not even imply, "the salvation of the almighty history relies solely on the world of Pinterest". That would be a sad day. My goodness, I was, in fact, stating my concern that if images, quotes, pins, etc., continue to float around with no one pointing out the ignorance therein, the world might BECOME like Pinterest and we would all be doomed! I'm sorry if I was offensive or negative to Heema, I was not insulting your pin or your Pinterest page. Tina - if you're going to address me with your dripping, sanctimonious, sarcasm, please bother to spell my name correctly. Also, I think you mean "you're" rather than "your". You may also want to add a comma after "Thank you" and change "do" to "so".

  • Laverne Taljaard
    Laverne Taljaard • 1 year ago

    What is wrong with some people?? Really? Arguing about silly things. Yes, preserving history is important, I agree. But lashing out at other people is absolutely childish. Spend your time enjoying Pinterest, not insulting other people. And don't take life too serious, otherwise you'll miss the good things that really matter.

  • Gail Seminara
    Gail Seminara • 1 year ago

    I'm with Laverne.... I mean really people... its basic "If you don't have nothing nice to say, better not to say anything at all" Good Lord! didn't your parents teach you anything?

  • Hayley Davis
    Hayley Davis • 1 year ago

    My parents taught me the importance of truth and intellect. They also taught me to never stay silent when something of importance might be compromised. I know I never heard "If you don't have 'nothing' nice to say, better not say anything at all", because my parents would have never used a double negative. When it comes to being nice verses trying to educate the masses, I was taught the latter is much more important and will matter a lot more in the future. If this blatant incorrect quote continues to float around without credit to Thomas Jefferson, someone might get ahold of it and use it to try to educate children and then even more people will join the masses of the ignorant. If being nice means constraining my superior intellect, than I don't know that "if you don't have 'nothing' nice to say, better not to say anything at all" is worth it. Especially since I would never say "don't" and "nothing" in the same sentence. I didn't insult anyone either, for the record.

  • Mischief? Managed
    Mischief? Managed • 1 year ago

    Enough. Hayley, thank you for your input your points have been noted as have been ours. I have edited the caption such that it reflects that this is a misquote. Now I'm ending this. Lets just appreciate the sentiment behind the words as that was the intention behind the re-pin.

  • Susan Mays
    Susan Mays • 1 year ago

    Actually, I believe the quote is, "if you don't have nothin' nice to say, don't say nothin' at all." Thumper from the Bambi movie.

  • Carol Hammond
    Carol Hammond • 1 year ago

    lovely "mis"quote;) and a rather relaxing photo to go with.. thanks for sharing Heema!!

  • Mischief? Managed
    Mischief? Managed • 1 year ago

    Thank you, Carol! It was my pleasure. Also, I apologize but at this point, in the spirit of keeping things pleasant, I feel compelled to delete any more negative comments. Please no more swiping at one another--lets keep this thread positive!

  • Stacy Stewart
    Stacy Stewart • 1 year ago

    the quote is amazing

  • Kaitlin Michelle
    Kaitlin Michelle • 1 year ago

    When did pinterest get mean? Seems like every picture has comments full of drama now!

  • Carla Hairston
    Carla Hairston • 1 year ago

    Seriously? Guess some people need real problems