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Ancient language mystery deepens

A linguistic mystery has arisen in Scotland, surrounding symbols on stones that predate the formation of the country itself.
Cynthia John
Cynthia John • 1 year ago

Pictish stone--ancient language mystery deepens

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Unknown language found stamped in ancient clay tablet In deciphering the tablet seen above, John MacGinnis of the University of Cambridge found that many of the names on the list are not from any currently known ancient language.

A Chinese scholar and government official named Wang Yirong is credited with realizing that some of these bones were inscribed with ancient writing and thus had historical significance. Today, they are called “oracle bones” and they constitute the best window available into the history, language and culture of ancient China. Because they involve specific dates, they are also an indispensible means of exploring the ancient Chinese calendar and its astronomical underpinnings

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The RAS'NA (Etruscan) Alphabet. The Etruscan language is universally accepted as an isolated case. It cannot be shown conclusively to be related to any other language, living or dead, except for a couple of sparsely attested extinct languages. Here they used ancient Greek an Phoenicians signs to fit their still mysterious language..

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