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Wish I could live in the time where peace, love, pot, and rock n roll were the only things people worried about.

Playing "Jacks" Jacks are a dying activity in the U.S. Just don't see kids playing with them. On a side note there is probably nothing as painful as navagating a dark room and stepping bare foot on a "Jack" that has found its way into a shag carpet..

Go Go boots. Oh my goodness! We loved these

Lawrence Welk.."anda a one-ah, anda two-ah, anda three-ah..."

May 22, 1959: Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. becomes the first African-American general-major in the United States Air Force.

climbing in PE, how I hated this, and I've never been asked to do this since I got out of school

I loved my Merlin! It was so high tech back then!