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Krystal Monique
Krystal Monique • 2 years ago


  • Natasha G
    Natasha G • 2 years ago

    Agree Lacey & Samantha. Don't understand why it's ok to put down thin girls but not fat girls.

  • Mithu Lahiri
    Mithu Lahiri • 2 years ago

    What makes curvy girls more "real" than skinny ones? I will never understand and I'm pretty sick of the whole "real women" thing. I understand that starving yourself & diet pills are all unnatural & unhealthy...but then, protest THAT. Not BODY TYPES.

  • Danielle Haynes
    Danielle Haynes • 1 year ago

    I think what this is referring to is PURPOSEFULLY anorexic/balemic look. Eh, but I could be wrong. :) I think it's a statement trying to be uplifting to larger women when society is about what you see on the runway (which most aren't naturally that thin). If you are that thin and this offends you either don't read it, or go make your own post about "fat" people... oh wait... that's been done too.

  • Janette Ocon
    Janette Ocon • 1 year ago

    I came on here to repost a comment a posted on the pin of another person who posted this. I am so glad to see that other women see how cruel and hurtful this is! This is really mean. I've spent several minutes trying to figure out what to say. I weigh less than what I should but I eat double what I need each day. There are far too many quote graphics floating around the internet glorifying "real women" as either being curvy or slim. All of them are disgusting because they convey that any woman who isn't curvy/slim/whatever ideal the quote identifies isn't beautiful and no man will want her. We should be kind and uplift one another instead of degrading those who don't fit a certain mold.

  • Janette Ocon
    Janette Ocon • 1 year ago

    @Danielle Haynes no, it is generalized at any woman who doesn't have curves. There are hundreds of ways to uplift women of a certain size or stature. This statement degrades those who don't fit into that size or stature. What we are saying here is that it is wrong on both sides to exclude a certain type of woman.

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