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Oh, you "support the troops"? Except when they have a vagina, are gay, whistleblow, need vets assistance, or oppose unnecessary war, right?! Damn straight. Right wingers only pretend to "support" the troops. In actuality, conservatives usually just love war (as long as it's not their sons and daughters on the front lines).

  • A C

    I agree, Lauren.

  • Cody Tracy

    +2 Lauren. What offended me was Ole's comment about all right wingers pretending to support our troops. I'm a right winger and I support all our troops regardless of race, sex, or sexual orientation. They all fight for our freedom.

  • Ole Olson

    Cody, I think my point was that conservatives by large margins tend to want to cut the programs that actually help veterans once they are out of the service. A huge percentage of homeless people in the US are vets for instance, a large number of people on SNAP assistance are too, etc. Not all conservatives of course, I was generalizing, but certainly a majority seem to cast the well being of vets aside once they are discharged. That just ain't right.

  • Cody Tracy

    I agree it isn't right. Our vets need to be taken care of once out of the service. The vets I know don't even know of the programs that ARE available. The vets in my family don't until I tell them that they're paying for something they can get for free. And unless it was taken out of the new healthcare law, doesn't it require our troops to pay new premiums? I think that falls into the same category as taking away services for them. I could be wrong and they could have taken it out..

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  • Kim Chidester

    I believe we are all responsible for creating our own success, in life and monetarily, and nobody owes any of us anything. It isn't my job to shoulder anyone else or anyone else's lack of personal ambition.

  • Annabel Loftin

    Very true Kim!

  • Ron Zikovich

    So you don't think their success is based on any tax breaks, bail outs, deregulations, Inside trading, payoffs of any kind?

  • Annabel Loftin

    Sure, some of them. Even if it is, not to seem as though I have zero compassion, I don't understand why that should diminish the value of the work that I do.

  • Jessica hauptman

    They misspelled "communism. "

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Theres a reason why only 9% of all scientists identify as conservative (and only 6% are Republican)

The language is harsh, but the message is real.

very interesting, however, not at all surprising.

#introverts - This is me. I'm not mad at you, I don't hate you, I just need some 'me' time to hide in my little world and not be social or presentable for a while. I reserve the right to have episodes of makeup-optional days where I don't leave my bedroom. If you come over DH will make my excuses while I hide. Like I said, not mad, just soooooo not coming out to play today. -I loved all of this!