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Robert Steed
Robert Steed • 2 years ago

Colorado Springs photograph during an experiment (December 31, 1899). Several million volts of lightning cascade through a portion of the laboratory. Tesla is portrayed as deep in thought on a book in the background. This is a double exposure to signify the extent of the discharge in the complex.

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Miner Boy: Children were cheap labor in the mines. This boy spent 10 hours a day in that outfit with only the light from that tallow wick lamp. He cleaned & played the part of a "canary" (kids were easier to replace than good miners). He was probably Finnish or Swedish & indentured to the company for the purpose of paying his fathers debts. The unions fought bloody battles to get these children out of the coal mines. This little guy worked (& likely died) in Utah or Colorado mines / Scott Cooper

  • Lynda

    Here we see firsthand how myths are made up and grow! While there were children who were mine workers, this wasn't one of them. This studio portrait is almost certainly of a young child dressed up for a costume party. (Real child workers couldn't afford professional photos! And they didn't use picks -- that kid couldn't even pick one up!)

Nikola Tesla was the most popular scientist of the 19th century, more popular than Edison. In fact, Tesla worked with Edison in the 1880s but had a falling out because he believed Edison stole his ideas. Tesla developed AC power used all over the world now and worked with George Westinghouse to promote it. He laid the foundation for radio, TV and many modern inventions. He fell into insanity & became a recluse. He died in poverty in a tiny apt'mnt, by then considered a "mad scientist" in 1943.

Tesla Tesla Tesla! No:6

Tesla Coil

1888 Livery Stable in Colorado

A bunch of KKK members riding a ferris wheel from 1928. WTF.

Saloon, Georgetown, Colorado :: 1880

Full length portrait of an unidentified a young African American girl wearing a formal white princess gown with gloves. Daniel Murray, photographer. 1899

Nefertari means Beautiful Companion. Here she is portrayed standing next to the colossal statue of Ramssess II at Abu Simbel.