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1950's full service gas station

Full Service Gas Stations

the attendant used to put gas in your car, wash your windows, put air in your tires and check your oil!

These were called "rain lamps" and they were popular in the 70s. As a child, I thought they were extremely classy. Now? Hilarious.

A Knocker-up (sometimes known as a knocker-upper) was a profession in England and Ireland that started during and lasted well into the Industrial Revolution and at least as late as the 1920s, before alarm clocks were affordable or reliable. A knocker-up’s job was to rouse sleeping people so they could get to work on time. Mary Smith earned sixpence a week shooting dried peas at sleeping workers windows - Photograph from Philip Davies’ Lost London: 1870 - 1945. S)

Bath Oil Beads - Something I could afford to buy my mom from the Drug Store.