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Bacon, Eggs, & Grapefruit Diet

If you love waking up in the morning to a hot plate of bacon and eggs, a diet that incorporates your favorite breakfast items may seem like an enjoyable way to lose weight. The Bacon, Eggs and Grapefruit Diet, also known simply as the Grapefruit Diet, includes bacon, eggs and half a grapefruit every...
Prestige_Pro_Design • 1 year ago

Bacon & egg?

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"No Carb" diet eating plan from Livestrong - lots of links to recipes, etc. (Okay, you know how much I love carbs, but some of these bad boys sound damn delicious)

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4-hour slow-carb dieting I did this about a year ago for about a month. Lost 10lbs in the 1st week!!! 20lbs total. I felt extremely heathly with minimal exercise (45 min a week) I'm starting this again.

If you are thinking how to be happy on a no carb diet, there are lots of ways. Lots of people tend to think that being on a low carb diet plan will lead to sacrifice of their favourite dishes. However, this notion is completely false. You can even have you favourite dishes on a low carb diet, provided you get the right ingredients to cook them.