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Tassos S
Tassos S • 1 year ago

Western Desert, 1942: British tank recovery crew scrambles for cover as German gunners open up in the direction of the recovery location. The crew has just loaded a disabled Crusader tank onto the flatbed.

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The crew of a Crusader tank prepare a meal in the Western Desert, 20 September 1942.

A British infantryman takes the surrender of the crew of an enemy supply truck in the Western Desert, 2 June 1942.

Two members of a Crusader tank’s crew write home before setting off on patrol in the Western Desert, 28 August 1942. Note the mosquito nets round their faces to keep the flies away.

Erwin Rommel, The Desert Fox, Commander of German forces in North Africa 1942.

Rommel, The Desert Fox, in North Arica 1942 Erwin Rommel, Commander of German forces in North Africa 1942

The Crusader II was the primary cruiser British tank during WW2. The cruiser tank was a British concept for fast moving armor designed to operate independently of infantry and advance quickly. Eventually, the Crusader was replaced by better American tanks that became available in sufficient numbers after 1942.

Guerrilla Warfare. The French Resistance played a vital part in aiding the Allies to success in Western Europe -especially leading up to D-Day in June 1944. The French Resistance supplied the Allies with vital intelligence reports as well as doing a huge amount of work to disrupt the German supply and communication lines within France. No glorification, no heroism, just history. *Note the British "Sten" submachine gun shouldered by the rear most fighter.

Italian gasmasks abandoned in the Western Desert during 1942.

Panzer III Desert 1942

A Desert Cook With Cans Of Water, Egypt and Libya, 1942.

General Erwin Rommel. A German, but not a Nazi, which led to his death.