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Don't drink alcohol, drink 'cocaine port' instead! Best cure for alcoholism. I'm just so sure of it. (;

Paregoric (opium) Alcohol: 40 per cent Opium: 1 13 - 16 grams per oz. Dose: 3 days old: 3 drops - One week old: 5 drops - 1 month old: 8 drops - 1 year old: 15 drops - 5 years old: 25 drops - Adults: one dessert spoon full - @~ Mlle

BQR cold - alcohol and chloroform and the 4th ingredient is Syrup of Ipecac

Kodol; alcohol 12% (drug active ingredients); 1906-1908

Poisonous? In 80% alcohol...THAT'S what made it potentially poisonous. I wanna taste just to make sure.

1910 Foley's Pain Relief Medicine was advertised as a miracle cure. Like many quack medicines of its time, its main ingredient was alcohol - and it also contained chloroform.

Warner's Safe Diabetes Cure, 1906-1908. From americanhistory.s....

☞ MD ☆☆☆ W.H. Mullen's Hornets Nest Liniment. Opium is listed in contents.