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MinnieSeaWright • 2 years ago

The burial ground found at the crossroads of Postovaia and Sedin Streets in Krasnodar is significant because it is a dolmen. This is defined as a single-chamber, megalithic tomb that usually consists of three or more upright stones that support a large, flat, horizontal capstone (table). Most dolmens date back to the early Neolithic period (4,000-3,000 BC).

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Female skull from 300BC, found in a megalithic chamber tomb in Roque d'Aille in the Var. Exposed to a pyre. The skull had been trepanned -- carved open with flint and operated on for 3 hours. The artificial ear is made of seashell (spondylus Graederopus). Signs of wear (likely from the woman playing with her ear) show that the woman lived for many years after the open brain operation.

Megalithic tomb, Howth, Co. Dublin, Ireland. It's circa 5,000 years old.

Gobekli Tepe ( Turkey )is staggeringly ancient. Carbon dating of organic matter adhering to the megaliths shows that the complex is 12,000 years old. That is to say, it was built around 10,000–9,000 BC. By comparison, Stonehenge was built around 2,000–2,500 BC. Prior to the discovery and dating of Gobekli Tepe, the most ancient megalithic complex was thought to be in Malta, dated around 3,500BC.

Burial - Man, Woman, Child, and the head of a bison

In the Sahara Desert in Egypt lie the oldest known astronomically aligned stones in the world: Nabta. Over one thousand years before the creation of Stonehenge, people built a stone circle and other structures on the shoreline of a lake that has long since dried up. Over 6,000 years ago, stone slabs three meters high were dragged over a kilometer to create the site. Shown above is one of the stones that remains.

"Saudi Arabia: Opening up long hidden ancient ruins-Dating back to the second century BC, the Nabataean archaeological site, also known as Madain Saleh, has long been hidden from foreign visitors to Saudi Arabia...Madain Saleh, though likely one of Saudi's most famous archaeological sites, is not its only one. The area bears evidence of other ancient civilisations... It is home to archaeological remnants that date back thousands of years, including its citadel which is some 8000 years old..."

Zhane River Valley, Russia - dolmen

Pyramids. Are some alien? Scientists in China and Russia think so. Now, it seems the hidden technology of those ancient structures is being activated as massive pyramids around the globe are shooting pulsing streams of raw energy deep into space. What is their purpose? Are they really conduits of cosmic energy as some have claimed? Were some pyramids actually designed by alien 'gods' that created a worldwide network of advanced city-states based on their superscience? Who really knows? Well, may

25,000 Year Old Buildings Found In Russia In Russia, in the Caucasus mountains, not far from the cities Tzelentzchik, Touapse, Novorossiysk and Sochi, there are hundreds of megalithic monuments. The Russians call them dolmens.

T-shaped pillar with carving, of 11,000 year old Gobekli Tepe, Turkey.

6,000 year-old kiss

"Skilled Hunters 300,000 Years Ago ScienceDaily (Sep. 17, 2012) — Finds from early stone age site in north-central Germany show that human ingenuity is nothing new -- and was probably shared by now-extinct species of humans.Archeologists from the University of Tübingen have found eight extremely well-preserved spears -- an astonishing 300,000 years old, making them the oldest known weapons anywhere..."