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Ana M
Ana M • 1 year ago

PROVERBidioms ($0.00) The game contains hundreds of English sayings painted literally. See the pictures below to see what we mean! The aim of the game is to find as many of them as you can. Helpful alphabetical list of all the sayings to guide you. Gameplay is similar to ‘Where’s Waldo’, but much more mature (this is an adults game). Discover hundreds of humorous, bizarre, and sometimes risqué interpretations of everyday sayings hidden within four famous paintings by T. E. Breitenbach.

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That Memory Game Free ($0.00) That Memory Game Free is the classic memory game specially designed for kids and parents. Tap cards to reveal the pictures and find the matching pairs. It's easy to learn and to play, but difficult to master.

Accessible Fruitmachine ($0.99) Spin the reels to get maximum score. Get the same symbol falling on the central horizontal line for a winning combination. Block some reels when you get two identical symbols on the payline or bet your points when a special combination fall out on the reel. New symbols will be available when you reach enough points in a game. Compatible with VOICEOVER & ZOOM for iOS. Those who are deaf & hearing can play this game.

YogiPlay Parent Center: Best personalized kid app recommendations ($0.00) YogiPlay: great customized app recommendations for kids 2 - 8! ★ Insight & Progress: Make informed decisions about your kid's mobile experience with tailored recommendations for fun learning apps based on your child's favorite apps, stage of development and progress.

Knots ($0.00) Tie your fingers in knots with this classic iPhone game. When a spot appears, touch and hold until it disappears...and keep extra fingers at the ready! Or get your fingers intertwined in two player mode...

Great list of what kids are learning when they are playing board games. List of must have games too.

Puppy Dog Fingers! with Augmented Reality FREE ($0.00) Puppy Dog Fingers! gives you a pack of cute cartoon puppies to play with, right in your pocket!! But better yet, it puts them all around you, all the time!! Using innovative Augmented Reality like you've never seen before, Puppy Dog Fingers puts dogs all around you, in the real world! YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT! Hold your phone like you're taking a picture and look around, puppies are everywhere!!

Tap Roulette ($0.00) Tap Roulette is like drawing straws 2.0 Each friend puts a finger down on the screen and one will be selected. Use it to make decisions like who has to take out the garbage, or where to eat lunch. Up to five fingers are supported.

Things That Go Together ($0.00) created using 200+ gorgeous pictures that are sure to keep kids interested and engaged. In this application, children will be presented with one or eight pairs of items and they have to figure out which items go together. The best way to play this game with a child is to sit down with them and have them explain to you the reason / thinking of why two items should go together.

Ipad Apps List for Kids

Accessible Minesweeper ($0.99) a funny game of strategy whose aim is to clear the minefield without detonating a bomb. In order to win this game you need your intelligence to guess where the bombs are. Compatible with VoiceOver. Blind users can enjoy the fun this game offers. This game includes features that will allow deaf people to enjoy the experience. Users with hand and/or mobility problems will have the chance to enjoy a comfortable game experience.

Draw with FIRE! Burn something with your FINGERS!! ($0.00) * Realistic fire simulation! * Up to 5 flaming fingers at once! * Drag your fingers around to draw with your fire. * Select the thickness of your fire trails. * Save or share your flaming images on Facebook. * Use the menu to select different fire colours and more!

R+Remind ($0.99 on 4/2/13) A tool to help educators remember to reinforce good behavior! With R+Remind, you choose an interval and the app does the work! A tone unique to each interval sounds at a variable rate so that you can pause in what you're doing and reinforce a new behavior, the lack of a targeted behavior, or even an existing behavior. Perfect in busy classrooms to remind all staff to catch someone being good!