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DIY stamped watercolor business cards

DIY watercolor cards

  • Meredith

    @Jessi James Thank you! ♥ I started a job a month ago as an Admin Assistant at a synagogue. I'm excited to read The Anti 9-to-5 Guide (that just came in at the library) because I'm sick of office work. :P On a happier note, I became a vegan several weeks ago and love it! :D How have you been?

  • Jessi James

    oh wow, that's a big step! i can see you doing really well with that-- all your cooking seems awesome! :D and yes!! i hope you like the book!! :D it's definitely inspiring, and i hope we both can escape the cube. lol did you have to ask your library to order it? and i've been okay-- this year seems determined to keep me in ill health in one way or another, and one of my hamsters (nimbus) died last month, so it's been difficult, but i'm doing what i can. sticking to my reading goal!! :D ha ha i've also been trying to make a lot more varied types of cooking lately, and that's made me feel happy, too. :]

  • Meredith

    @Jessi James Aw, you're so sweet! :) Yeah, I had to get the book from another library. I'm starting it now! I'm so sorry to hear about your hamster and your ill health. I hope you feel better! *hugs* What types of cooking are you trying?

  • Jessi James

    i'm so glad you are! :D i can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. :3 and thanks. ♥ i'm doing a lot better these days. :] and i've just been trying whatever sounds good each week, honestly! xD ha ha last night i made some crock pot carnitas tacos and a caramelized onion and cilantro corn salad that was amaaaazing. ♥ reignited my love for corn. ha ha how're you finding vegan life-- what kinds of recipes do you use, and where do you find them? :D i know you love it! x3

  • Meredith

    @Jessi James Mmmm, caramelized onion. :9 If you lived closer, we could cook together! ;) Most of my recipes are from Pinterest or vegan cookbooks. I like to mix up my protein during the week: one night will be a bean dish, one night will be quinoa, one night will be kale, etc. It's fun to mix and match! :) I sent you a Goodreads message about the book, since it's a more private conversation. ♥

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DIY Rope Necklace

DIY - draw a picture with white crayon on white paper and then watercolor over it.