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Anna Monaghan
Anna Monaghan • 1 year ago

Do...Re....Mi...Solfege circles pitch ladder to display and use during all your lessons - visual helper! Magnetic foam circles

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20 pitch exit slips to assess high/low, sol/mi, sol/mi/la, and do/re/mi. In less than fives minutes of class time, these slips can give you a student grade, learning artifacts/proof of student learning, and/or a way to determine student mastery. #mused #elmused

Sesame Street: Sing After Me.... TRA La la... Mi Mi Mi. ( Not a true SOLFEGE // KODALY video... but the emphasis is certainly on PITCH matching ) cute.

Blew my kid's minds when they realized that the solfege pitches were the same as our instrument letters. :)

Treble Pitch Memory Game. Excellent for reinforcing students knowledge of the treble stave. $

NINE worksheets to reinforce the concept of TREBLE and BASS pitch $

MUSIC: Treble and Bass Pitch: Reference Guide and worksheets! FREE download!

FIRST DAY/WEEK activity! Introduce music class rules while revising treble pitch! :-)

For Solfege Wars! A game taught by John Fierabend at a Conversational Solfege Workshop. Put a staff on the board with the pitches the kids are learning (without rhythm) (ex. mi, re, do). You call the pitch, 1st kid points with the light saber and sings it, then call another pitch and Kid #2 points and sings w/ light saber (while the 1st kid is STILL singing his/her pitch) THEN while kid #2 is singing call another pitch for kid #1 ) First kid to mess up is out, let another kid go, last kid st...

MUSIC: Treble and Bass Pitch: reference guide and worksheet. FREE DOWNLOAD