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Best Hiccup Cure? We Found How to Get Rid of Hiccups

This easy hiccup cure has worked for us 100% of the time. We found how to get rid of hiccups!
Jennifer Fishkind {Princess Pinky Girl}

Best Hiccup Cure? We Found How to Get Rid of Hiccups! - I am SO trying this next time!!!

  • Mel Armstrong
    Mel Armstrong • 25 weeks ago

    Hiccups are caused by a little air bubble caught under your diaphragm, so often stretching really high or swinging on money bats works too!

  • Katy McDonald
    Katy McDonald • 25 weeks ago bats. Gotta love auto-correct. :)

  • Teri T
    Teri T • 25 weeks ago

    the best hiccup cure is bitters on a lemon wedge..suck on it and the hiccups go away immeidiatly...amazing

  • Felicia Hipp
    Felicia Hipp • 25 weeks ago

    The Best way to cure hiccups is ask the person that has them "When was the last time you seen a cat. Be very specific of the cat sighting This will get their minds off of the hiccups and their diafram will relax and TA-DA no more hiccups

  • Melissa Resendez
    Melissa Resendez • 25 weeks ago

    Im laughing so hard at monkey bats!!! Lol! I can't wait to try the technique for hiccups.

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I hope this works!

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