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Enneagram Chart

Enneagram to MBTI... In case I ever find the enneagram useful

  • Lauren Slaughter

    Youre up late

  • Nate Miller

    Psh, you are! Haha. I couldn't go back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night. Finally decided I'd be productive ish and find some link between temperaments and MBTI since I still think and see people in temperaments.

  • Nate Miller

    Also figure out this enneagram thing. I still think it's probably inferior. You take a 36 question test to tell you 1 thing about yourself. What a surprise, I had 2 ties and a close runner up haha.

  • Lauren Slaughter

    oh tell me about it. i've never heard of it

  • Nate Miller

    It just tells you one thing, like perfectionist. Then there is something about stress and growth relating to the others designated by arrows. But that wasn't really explained.

The Enneagram Charts—Chart 1 Download

The Enneagram type 9

Type 4 -- Enneagram Personality Dynamics Diagram

What is your personality style? If you are the talker and love to hang out with other people, you are most likely an "I" personality. Find out!

A Little Bit of Personality

Great chart showing the correlations between Jung and Enneagram types!