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  • MrCritic55

    Vancouver is so beautiful. Coming out of the mountains and into the lower mainland is like a dream, so green. Vancouver is so congested now, beautiful, but crazy busy and so expensive. My wife is from there. We live in Alberta, next to British Columbia. It's nice here too, but we would like a change of scenery.

  • MrCritic55

    Canada is so big! I'm not sure how you feel about multiculturalism/immigration, but it is clearly changing the social dynamic and not in the best way. European culture is quickly being eroded. We are quite insulated in our small city, but I cannot believe the change has happened so quickly. So many immigrants, so much money being spent. This is due to our own citizens deciding it's good not to have children. Thoughts?

  • MrCritic55

    Sorry. I thought I posted my comments about Vancouver but they haven't shown up. Vancouver is so beautiful, but also so busy, almost too congested. My wife grew up there.

  • Alanna Weyland

    I've observed these changes too, and I have similar thoughts on the matter. There are problems with immigrants, but whenever someone has tried to bring them up in political discussion, they've been labeled racist. Because we haven't addressed the issues with immigrants, they've just gotten worse, and I'm worried for our culture. As a result, certain right-wing political parties have been growing and gaining more power, and I don't think it's good either - no extreme is good!

  • MrCritic55

    I wish it were possible to come to a satisfactory understanding with the immigrant situation. The problem is that their extreme views are forcing many people to respond in kind. I too was of the opinion that we should all get along, but when you learn that race mixing, as an example, is designed to annihilate the white European, there is going to be a response.

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