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Kathy Blackmon
Kathy Blackmon • 2 years ago

Wait... what?? Michelle Obama: There is ‘No Place Better’ Than Church to Talk About Political Issues

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  • C White

    even she knows how poorly her husband has performed

Michelle Obama, poster child for the Let's Move!, diet & exercise initiative, in December 2008...not looking like a very positive role model for her own program...

OMG!… Now Michelle Obama Wants You to Skip Eating For Barack >> It's time for you to give up your piece of the (pizza) pie so they can have 4 more years of luxurious vacations and golf outings!

A Letter To Michelle Obama - a must read.

WARNING: Your religion is next. Obama is attempting to direct the Catholic church to act against its doctrine on abortion and contraceptives. Next Obama could mandate that your church allow same-sex weddings. He won't be happy until we are a Muslim country.

Hey Michelle – Why You Lyin’ About Barack’s Grandmother Like That??? - Madelyn Dunham was in fact a bank vice president by the time young Barack moved into her home. So leave it to Michelle Obama to perfectly exemplify the lying platform upon which her husband’s re-election is based upon. Barack Obama was, for much of his youth, a child of privilege – one who was given much from the salary of a grandmother making good within the banking industry.

Taken from the internet - several sites have this info: "President Barack Obama Jr and Michelle Obama got married on October 18, 1992 at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois. The reception was held at the South Shore Cultural Center." UM - WAIT A MINUTE - I thought you said at the debate on October 3rd THAT was your anniversary. MORE LIES????


"We establish no religion in this country. We command no worship. We mandate no belief, nor will we ever. Church and state are and must remain separate." - #Reagan ... What liberals think this means is that church has no place in politics or government, but what it was put in place for was so that government had no say in religion/religious activities.

the last time it was changed was in the McCarthy era