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Michelle Moore
Michelle Moore • 3 years ago


  • Barbara Feeley
    Barbara Feeley • 2 years ago

    Not interested in all junk comments. But this is so funny as we tease our girls about "who their teacher will be"

  • Cailin Langan
    Cailin Langan • 2 years ago

    I still consider myself to be "homeschooled". I'm a life long learner and on the way I managed to get a BA and an MA from a great University who knows what will be next . .. . Am I socially retarded?! hahahahaha! Oh that just makes me laugh!

  • Devany
    Devany • 1 year ago

    I think it's ridiculous to put any mom or any child into any box. Some children may thrive with homeschool, some may really need the solcial atmosphere of public school. Some mom's may thrive at homeschooling, and others, like me, would never consider it. The point is, if my child really needed it, I would do it. And I would hope that those who insist on homeschooling would be open to public school for a child of theirs who clearly needed it.

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