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More like this: universe, string theory and group boards.
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Harvard Professor Lisa Randall is a leading theoretical physicist and expert on particle physics, string theory and cosmology.

The Singularity - 2045. The article at Time Magazine is worth a read.

Comparing Genome Editing Technologies

Guest Post: No turning back, NASA ISEE-3 Spacecraft Returning to Earth after a 36 Year Journey

In talking about transhumanism and the singularity, Ray Kurzweil emphasizes how strongly he agrees with Nietzsche's idea that "Man is a rope, fastened between animal and overman — a rope over an abyss”. FYI: the term "overman" was created as an alternative translation of "Übermensch" by critics in the 1950's.

Science and Technology Infographics - September 2013

And, a lot more to go...

The Higgs boson made simple...

Higgs Boson formerly known as the God Particle.

IBM has announced a breakthrough optical communication technology which has been verified in a manufacturing environment. The technology – called “silicon nanophotonics” – uses light instead of electrical signals to transfer information for future computing systems, thus allowing large volumes of data to be moved fast between computer chips in servers, large data-centers, and supercomputers via pulses of light.