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Robin King Underwood
Robin King Underwood • 1 year ago

Stewart Indian School, Stewart, Nevada. Atrocities galore went on when the school opened up. Young Native Americans were yanked from their tribes, sent here, and most were never seen or heard from again. Abuse and sickness were the cause of many children’s deaths. Numerous ghostly apparitions, cold spots, doors slamming and screaming inside boarded up structures have been documented for decades. Many pictures taken of the buildings at night show phantom children looking out the windows.

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Lincoln Park in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts - opened in 1894 and closed by 1986 for the number of deaths and accidents they had regularly - apparitions of former patrons and workers are reported through the abandoned and burned-out areas - cries and screams are heard, both terrified and fun-loving sounds are reported - carnival music wafts through the air periodically - people report being touched, seeing light anomalies, high number of batteries draining here

This picture was taken by a friend of my daughters. She, along with her boyfriend, and a couple of other friends, were camping and naturally taking lots of pictures. when they had the film developed, they were not only stunned, but very saddened to find what appears to be a lonely little girl standing behind them.

Wood Island Light, Maine - built in 1808; in the 1890's a murder-suicide took place here - the next Keeper actually abandoned the station and later committed suicide ranting about the hauntings here; today it's automated - a misty apparition appears on the Island, phantom voices, screams, and moans are reported, doors inside the lighthouse open/close on their own

The ghosts here are numerous. In a small room at the rear of the house a pile of baby skeletons was found, supposedly the victims of some inept doctor; today, babies can be heard crying the walls. There was a mass murder when some of the Nazis were machine gunned to death in a political dispute; their discussions can be heard throughout the house. There are rumors of an axe murder in the front tower room, the victim of which is occasionally seen standing in the window. The secret passageways aro

"One of the most convincing photographs was the famous image of the 'Brown Lady' of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. The photo was taken by Captain Provand, a professional photographer, who was taking snapshots of the house for Britains Country Life magazine in September 1936. His assistant, Indre Shira, actually saw the apparition coming down the staircase and directed Provand to take the photo... even though the other man saw nothing at the time. The resulting image (shown here) has been ...

Boasting that it is Australia's most haunted location, The Monte Cristo Homestead is well known among investigators for activity such as apparitions, phantom voices, footsteps, and objects moving on their own. Mrs. Crawely was an original owner who was so attached to this place that she only left twice in the 23 years after her husband died, and now remains after her death.

The Death Tunnel, Waverly Hills...Louisville, KY

THE CHILDRENS CEMETERY (Crawford County) This small cemetery is home to the remains of 10 children aged 1-12. All the markers are dated August, 1918, leading investigators to believe that they died in the terrible flu pandemic of that year. There are reports of apparitions at the graveyard, including a man with a tall black hat who may be the caretaker. People have felt touchings and heard children's voices giggling.