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▶ Peter A. Levine PhD - Spirituality & Trauma - YouTube

The "Felt Sense" Exercise (Somatic Experiencing, Peter Levine)

Peter Levine on Trauma-Proofing your kids

Origin of Somatic Experiencing®, with founder Dr. Peter Levine, PhD - YouTube... talks about his 40 plus years working with stress & trauma, & working with vets experiencing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Posttraumatic Stress Injury (PTSI). Somatic Experiencing® helps to re-engage the nervous system back into normal life/civilian life, to being with family, friends, and children... to becoming resilient again after experiencing traumatizing and overwhelming events.

Peter Levine’s Self Holding Exercises for Sufferers of PTSD – PART 2 » Healing from Trauma

The 5 Step Self-holding Exercise for Self-Regulation of PTSD Symptoms - regulation of extreme stress, fear, terror, anxiety... This self-therapy exercise for PTSD is inspired by Peter Levine's work / Somatic Experiencing

The important pieces of a trauma narrative

Core Principles of Trauma-Informed Care: Key Learnings [2 of 3] [Social Work Career Development] What are some of the evidence-based practices for trauma-informed care? Have you wanted to learn more about narrative exposure therapy?...

Peter Levine Self Soothing Hand Position Exercise to try yourself at link. The goal of the exercise is to calm the nervous system, bring the Self back into the body, develop more body awareness, and to train one’s own nervous system to remember what normal is like. We can feel the body as container and get a sense of having boundaries. This exercise helps develop self-regulation and empowered to change the physiological and emotional states we find ourselves in. #cptsd #ptsd #trauma #recovery

This exercise combines Somatic Therapy and Art Therapy. I have gotten so much from doing somatic therapy for PTSD. Although I am an artist, I have not yet explored expressive arts therapies for PTSD (art, dance, music etc.) In this exercise the main