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The republican party is now the party of the racist.

Tea Party Champion uses the N-word when speaking about President Obama and Blacks, called Jews Kikes and Latinos Wet Backs. He wants them all to go back where they came from. This is why The GOP/Tea Party can't govern, can't pass any bills to help the middle class etc....TO BUSY BEING RACIST!! Wake Up America, we can't afford to continue down this road!!! VOTE BLUE IN NOVEMBER!!!

If you are tired of the "Do nothing" Congress we have now, get out and VOTE in 2014.

*Women take note* Yes, the republicans actually said these things. If this doesn't terrify you, then....

The Republican Party Rape Advisory Chart........holy shit.

History of the Republican Party.

"no self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex" - susan b anthony, 1872