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Held... a trunk...:).

more frog

  • Wendy Kennedy

    I thought a group froggie board would be so much fun. I'm sending you an invite...right now we are just beginning. No pressure. I thought of you right away, as you gave me the idea! Thanks, Diana. ;)

  • Diana Hensley

    That sounds great! I know there has to be all kinds of frogs out there, from all different countries, even! Give me a reminder once you get it going! Are you going to limit people to how many they can pin at one time? I'm not crazy about limits, because they aren't ours to begin with!

  • Diana Hensley

    You are welcome, Wendy! Have fun with it!!

  • Wendy Kennedy

    Welll.. I was so eager to get it started (I gave my hubby the idea, so it's under Jason.) I sent you the first invite! I've sent out just a few invites to a few fellow froggie people I know who I think will be fun. I'm so excited to see how it goes. No limit on pins. I agree with you... why limit?? They all make the board better, means pinners are having fun. I think some people get way to serious about rules. Pinterest to me is about sharing and having fun! :)

  • Diana Hensley

    I feel the same! I got blocked because I pinned more than a woman allowed, but I didn't know her rules. I just had one certain board!

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