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Lars Hanson

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Lars Hanson was the founder of Walnut Grove and the first person townsmen checked with when...
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Kristen Smith
Kristen Smith • 1 year ago

Lars Hanson

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Walnut Grove, founded in 1840 by Lars Hanson.

Dr Hiram Baker is the doctor who served Walnut Grove. His office was in the same building as the post office. When the town went bankrupt many people moved to Winoka, he stayed behind to take care of Lars Hanson. Lars heath failed and Walnut Grove fell into despair. When the people came back they helped Dr Baker restore the town back to its former glory, Lars managed to see Walnut Grove thriving again before he died. Played by Kevin Hagen (April 3, 1928 – July 9, 2005)

Hanson's Mill was a mill in Walnut Grove owned by the town's founder Lars Hanson. Charles Ingalls, Isaiah Edwards and Jonathan Garvey worked there among many others. The mill was one of the first buildings built in Walnut Grove and was the town's main industry.

Everyone looks happy..especially Mr. Hanson! LOL

Rev Robert Alden is the Minister at the Walnut Grove Church Throughout the series run, Alden is shown as a loving, caring man who faithfully ministers to Walnut Grove Township. He has a particularly close relationship with the Ingalls family, and is also shown to be good friends with Doc Baker and Nels Oleson.. .Played by Robert William "Dabbs" Greer (April 2, 1917 – April 28, 2007)

Amanda Whipple was an elderly women and a the local seamstress in Walnut Grove. Mary Ingalls worked for her both part time and full time while the Ingalls needed money. Mrs. Whipple had one son named Granville to an unnamed husband and my have been a widower. Her son Granville later returned to Walnut Grove but sadly he had a drug addiction which eventually killed him. Her fate afterwards is unknown.Played by Queenie Smith (September 8, 1898 - August 5, 1978)

Oleson's Mercantile was the store owned and operated by Harriet and Nels Oleson. An upstairs and side house was attached to the building that they lived in with their children Nellie and Willie; and later with adopted daughter Nancy. The mercantile was the only general merchandise store in Walnut Grove. Inventory included everything from fabrics and lanterns to children's toys and candy