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Laughing, learning and Shining.. Thanks for sharing you amazing ladies you! Check out the calendar for all 50 events!

Simple, but not always easy...

Meditation can change the structure of your brain. You have the capacity to heal the emotional dysfunctionality of your own brain. When you increase your awareness with mindfulness, you can transform your brain, create new circuits or change the way neurons talk to each other. fractalenlightenm...

This symbol is pronounced "Ah uu mm". It is a Sanskrit symbol used in many eastern spiritual practices. Represents the Universe functioning as a whole unit; A father/mother beckoning creation, U = son/daughter the evolution of individual souls; and M absorbing of all that is created. The sacred sound of the Universe. Om cleans, stabilizes and seals the aura. It brings in light, purifies, protects and connects with your loved ones. Cool tattoo idea

Relationship corner of the house. Lots of love!