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Anita Walsh
Anita Walsh • 2 years ago

Fertility Magic Herbal Symbol Sachet When you are trying to get pregnant it is always a nice idea to turn your bedroom into a relaxing and magickal space. Make sure your room is clean and free of clutter. Light candles, burn incense and oils that are fertility promoting blends. You can also add pictures or statues of a fertility Goddess.

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War Water is traditional foot track magic at it's best. A combination of swampy iron water, tangled spanish moss, a rusty iron nail, and vile ingredients in a glass bottle.

HEX BANE Blue Magic Hoodoo Oil is handcrafted with Bay Leaf, Sweet Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) chips from Madagascar, Myrrh resin, Red Rose Petals, Blue Vervain, Red Wine, Hyssop, premium Celtic Sea Salt and Dead Sea Salt. Use this powerful blend to eliminate baneful energies, break hexes, remove jinxes and uncross conditions.

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Special times for magick

Sigils & Symbols: #Signs, Characters, and Magickal Knife.

✯ Sandalwood is a holy incense in India and has always been burned for fragrance and in magical rites. In hoodoo it is particularly associated with wish-making and happy home spells. Sandalwood chips may be added to mojo bags for safety, peace, health, and wishes, and the essential oil makes a strong candle-dressing oil. Associated with Mercury rather than Venus. It is added to funeral pyres as a sign of a respect. Magickal Uses: Protection, Wishes, Healing, Exorcism, and Spirituality.✯

Mr. Scott Cunningham’s All-Purpose South Spell: “Write or make a symbol of your need on a piece of paper cut into a triangle. While visualizing your need, place the appropriate enchanted herbs in the center of the paper and crumble it tightly so that the herbs are trapped inside the paper. Anoint with oils if you wish. Build a roaring fire in a n outside pit or indoor fire place. Throw the herb packet into the fire. As it touches the flames firmly visualize your need.”

Wishes can be written on bay leaves which are then burned to help them come true.

symbols to see from reading your tea leaves.

I’ve been looking everywhere for these symbols…I saw them once in passing & was never able to find them again…so this is amazing! ♥ Happiness :D