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onepac7 • 2 years ago

Seal of Shamash - the Sumerian Sun god. Note that the solar disk is held by two tassels. The base of the pillar of the throne is the "lily" seen in the thrones of the kings and Phrygian text XW. The Sun disk is emerging from the "lily" symbol. Note that it is similar to the Egyption akhet, meaning "dawn." The image represented the daily rebirth of the sun. It is curiously similar to the idols seen at Midas City. The Midas City idols appear to be abstract torsos, rectangles with disks atop

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Cylinder seal with the solar disk of Ashur, anointing with two eagle-headed gods before the Tree of Life. The blossoms on the tree appear to be pomegranates.

Amorite (Egyptian Amar, Akkadian Tidnum or Amurrukm (corresponding to Sumerian MAR.TU or Martu) refers to a Semitic people who occupied the country west of the Euphrates from the second half of the third millennium BC, and also the god they worshipped, Amurru.

Nippur Map, 1400 BCE. The oldest known map ever found. Nippur was one of the most ancient of all the Sumerian cities. It was the special seat of the worship of the Sumerian god Enlil, the "Lord Wind," ruler of the cosmos subject to An alone. Nippur was located in modern Nuffar in Afak, Iraq.

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Reliquary Cross. Date: 13th century. Culture: Byzantine or Russian. Medium: Silver with traces of gilding, niello, granulated hinge, and a pearl.

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Harriet Quimby First Lady of the Air. She paved the way for Amelia.

Strawberry Shortcake Doll! This is how I remember Strawberry Shortcake.