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Phage, once again

Bacteriophages (viruses that target bacteria) attacking bacteria

Scanning electron micrograph of a T4 bacteriophage. Viruses infect every known organism on Earth; these peculiar bug-like ones infect bacteria.

bacteriophage viruses

The Petri Dish Platter [Illustration by Emily Cooper, originally produced for "Inside the Meat Lab" by Jeffrey Bartholet, Scientific American Magazine, June 2011]

Rhodochrosite (sawn stalactitic) Capillitas Mine, Andagala Catamarca, Argentina

Plasmodium falciparum malarial protozoan plasmodial schizont or segmenter in a red blood cell after completion of division. By Dr. Dennis Kunkel

T4 Bacteriophage Virus. T4 bacteriophages are parasites of Escherichia coli, a bacteria common in the human gut. The virus attaches itself to the host bacteria cell wall by its tail fibers; the sheath then contracts, injecting the contents of the head ,DNA, into the host. The viral DNA makes the bacteria manufacture more copies of the virus. - TEM