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Homemade Laundry Soap & No 'Poo Hair Washing Method

^ How to get Grease Stains out of clothes that have already been washed & dried, even multiple times! Use grease fighting dish soap (I used Blue DAWN Ultra). Apply to stain and scrub into fabric, let sit 30 minutes & wash as usual. It REALLY works! I have now purchased the 9 oz. bottle of DAWN Ultra (which I can refill from kitchen bottle) to leave in my laundry room!

A Natural Stain Remover that Really Works!! "It really did work! There was not a trace of those berry or pumpkin stains left on my kids clothes, and all I did was give them a quick spray 5 minutes before tossing them in the (cold) wash. They weren't incredibly fresh stains, either (as in, they might have been at least a day or two old, but certainly I didn't catch them within minutes or hours of when they happened)"

Use Dawn dish soap and hot water to unclog a toilet. This works like a charm! Ive also done this without using hot water...pour about 1 cup of Dawn into the toilet, let sit for 15-20 minutes and just flush!

Pour enlever la rouille dans les sanitaires, préparer une pâte à part égale de bicarbonate de soude + citron+ crème de tartre

How to Make Foaming Dish Soap! {you'll love this little trick and will save so much money!!} ~ from #diy #dishsoap