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Micheal Capaldi
Micheal Capaldi • 2 years ago

Greek Mythology: The Hus Krommyon (or Crommyonian Sow) was a monstrous wild pig which terrorized the countryside around Krommyon on the Korinthian Isthmus. It was the pet of an old hag named Phaia ("the Grey"). Both the boar and its mistress were slain by Theseus when the hero was travelling the road from Troizenos to Athens clearing the thoroughfare of its assorted bandits and miscreants.

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Hydra fighting Heracles, Paestan black-figure hydra, ca.6th BC | J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu (Paestan vase painting was a style of vase painting associated with Paestum, a Campanian city in Italy founded by Greek colonists. Paestan vase painting is one of five regional styles of South Italian red-figure vase painting.)

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Late Iron Age or very early Roman bronze figurine of a boar. The boar was an important symbol in both Celtic and Classical mythology, and is known on the Lincolnshire Witham shield and on silver Iron Age coinage. This realistic free-standing statuette was probably made as a votive offering. Found at Rothwell Top.

Clay relief plaque. Berlin Antikensammlung.In mythology the son of Ares and Althaea. He leads the team of heroes against the Calydonian Boar, and kills it. He awards the spoils to Atalanta, to the annoyance of his uncles. They persuade Althaea to destroy the firebrand on which his life depended. He appears in art mainly in the Boar hunt, and with Atalanta, or dying.