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The earth upon which you dwell is more than just a rock covered in water, stone and dirt. The earth beneath your feet, the mountains, the forests, the rivers, lakes, oceans, and the air that you breathe are all part of the magical living entity that is Gaia. She is our eternal mother, our provider, and our home. Gaia gives us life. Without her, we would not be. Honour Gaia by seeing the truth of what she is. Honour Gaia by loving her as you would love yourself.

Gaia ~ The Great Mother ~ Mother Earth ~ Blessed Be The Mother.

Gaia by Holly Sierra is now at Made on Earth!

Gaia was the great Mother Goddess of Greek Mythology. She was the beginning of everything and everyone.

Gaia Planet Earth Goddess by earthdeva on Etsy, £23.00 i could needle felt this!!

Gaia, the beautiful, rose up, Broad blossomed, she that is the steadfast base Of all things. And fair Gaia first bore The starry Heaven, equal to herself, To cover her on all sides and to be A home forever for the blessed Gods.

Earth Mother.

Mother Earth / Beloved Gaia ~ We live & breathe on Holy & Sacred Ground... We are each the embodiment of Heaven & Earth... ♥♥

Connect with the core and heart of Gaia and connect with your own