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False equivalency cooked up by the anti-choice people. Studies indicate that breastfeeding helps to reduce the chance of developing breast cancer. Anti-choice nuts translate that to mean if a woman doesn't go thru with her pregnancy AND breastfeed, she will have more of a chance of developing breast cancer! What a huge LEAP!!! FYI, Gary Heavin, founder of Curves exercise franchises, donates big time to Operation Save America, an organization that is pushing this lie to American women.

The very notion that belief in something unsupported by evidence (faith) is to be rewarded, while reason and logic and subsequent non-belief are punishable is downright INSANE!

Anne Rice vs. Stephanie Meyer

Sen. Bernie Sanders refuses money from lobby funding for his campaign or coffers. I wish I could say the same for all members of congress. America needs to come forth on this one and support Bernie in his fight to get Corporate money out of our political system.