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Do you love the twists, turns, and speed of a good roller coaster? In the "The Chills and Thrills of Roller-Coaster Hills" mechanical #engineering #science Project Idea, students build an accelerometer and use it to investigate the forces at work during a roller coaster ride. This hands-on project is a great excuse to head to the amusement park! [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie... ] #STEM #scienceproject

'Shake to power' flashlights offer a cool as-you-need-it approach to power. In the "Shaking Up Some Energy" energy and power #science project, students make a simple generator and investigate the relationship between magnetism and induction of electrical current. Once it's wrapped and wired, shake it up to power a small LED! [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #springbreakscience #scienceprojects

How does the biogeochemical cycle work? In the "Growing a Soil Menagerie" #science project, students build a Winogradsky column using a soda bottle and test how different nutrients affect which soil microorganisms grow in it. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject

Do you like a foamy rootbear float or a pie with whipped cream on top? In the "Stop Slumping: What Makes Foams Stand Up Straight" #science project, students shake things up to explore which foods make good, long-lasting foams. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject #kitchenchemistry #foodscience

Do your local traffic lights use LEDs? In the "The Future of LEDs Is So Bright, I've Got to Wear Shades" #science project, students build circuits with LEDs and compare their output to traditional incandescent bulbs. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject #energy

Can you improve the durability of a paper doll? In this creative materials #science project, students explore construction techniques for adding paper doll joints and put dolls they make to a scientific durability test. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject #paperdoll

How many potato pieces does it take to run a calculator? Find out in the "Veggie Power! Making Batteries from Fruits and Vegetables" hands-on #electricity and #electronics #science project. Build a veggie-based battery and then try different vegetable sources to see how the batteries compare! A project kit is available to do this science project. [Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject

When you build a structure, you need to know that the ground can hold it. In the "Solid Ground? Measuring Soil Bearing Capacity" #science project, students create a setup to investigate the bearing capacity of different types of soil. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject

"Crystal Radio: A Science Kit for Student Electronics": Build a crystal radio and then tune in an AM radio station--without batteries. An improved crystal radio kit and an updated procedure makes this a great choice for an assigned #science project or just for hands-on #electronics fun! [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject #crystalradio