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Does the brightness of light matter when you use solar power? Students can investigate that #science question in the "The Frightened Grasshopper: Explore Electronics & Solar Energy with a Solar-Powered Robot Bug" alternative energy and electronics Project Idea. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #robotics

How much energy do the various appliances in your house use? Are there ways to cut down on your family's power consumption? In the "Spare a Watt, Save a Lot" #science project, students investigate the energy usage of household appliances and learn more about phantom power drain. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject #energy

Can you use the Sun to remove the salt from ocean water? In the "From Brine to Beverage: Solar-Powered Salt Removal" #science project, students use solar power to make freshwater from saltwater. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject

How can sea water be turned into safe drinking water? In the "Solar-Powered Water Desalination" environmental #engineering #science Project Idea, students build and test a solar-powered device for desalinating water. Does the color of the bottom impact the device's efficiency? A convenient project kit is available to do this science project. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject

Water heaters are usually used to heat water in homes, but what are other ways to make hot water? In the "Are You in Hot Water? Use the Sun's Energy to Heat Your Own Water" energy and power #science project, students can investigate how #energy from the Sun can be used to heat up water. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...; Image: NASA] #STEM #scienceproject #altenergy

What kinds of biomass are good for making biogas? Students can explore in the "From Trash to Gas: Biomass Energy" energy #science Project Idea. The results will be visible! [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject #altenergy

How do pitchers throw with great speed? In the "The Biomechanics of Pitching" #science project, students investigate how factors like body position and stride affect the speed of a thrown baseball. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject #sportsscience

Do you love the twists, turns, and speed of a good roller coaster? In the "The Chills and Thrills of Roller-Coaster Hills" mechanical #engineering #science Project Idea, students build an accelerometer and use it to investigate the forces at work during a roller coaster ride. This hands-on project is a great excuse to head to the amusement park! [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie... ] #STEM #scienceproject

Stare at a special image for a period of time and then look at another image that has color differences and what happens? In the "Now You See It, Now You Don't: A Chromatic Adaptation Project" #science project, students explore chromatic adaptation to see how quickly it can occur and how long it lasts. [Source: Science Buddies, www.sciencebuddie...] #STEM #scienceproject