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FedEx - ¿Puedes encontrar la flecha escondida en este logo?

I think this is a good example of a logo that has become successful, yet remains simple. This logo is known well by all, but it still remains subtle. The bold red color is striking and always catches your attention. I also like that the "target" logo is literally a simplified target.

  • Olivia

    I think this logo is right on target...haha I could not resist. I agree that this is definitely a great representation of a simple logo that has made a name for itself through its success. The bold red color is also an attention grabber that seems to be working since the company is doing well.

Even though this logo has a very modern look to it, it was kind of difficult for me to read at first. The red color pops out more to me when I glance at it and only notice the wave effect. It might be more clear to read if there was a darker shade of grey or another contrasting color.

  • Brooke Parsons

    I think this logo is an example of a decorative visual. By incorporating the wavy red line into the writing it made the logo more appealing because this pop of color would catch the viewers eye. After it catches their attention they then put the word together (the red and grey) to understand the logo message. I do agree with you Sarah that the grey is a little bit hard to read because the red pops so much. Maybe using a brighter but contrasting color to red would do the trick!

  • Kathleen Kalinsky

    I really like the way that the literal boundary is expresses with the line going through the word. It makes it more... believable.

  • Natalie Barisano

    I think that this logo is very intriguing, but I definitely agree that the colors need to be changed. With the light grey, behind the bright red, it fades away. An awesome idea - but the colors definitely need to contrast to a greater degree.

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