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Monica Little
Monica Little • 1 year ago

Elimination diet cures gallbladder stones: In a study by Dr. James Breneman with 69 people who suffered from recurrent gallbladder attacks were put on an elimination diet to determine their food allergies. Dr. Breneman found that all 69 people --- 100% --- were totally symptom-free of gallbladder pain when they avoided their individual food sensitivities, and all 69 had a recurrence of their symptoms when they ate the foods they reintroduced the foods they were allergic to back into their di...

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Diet soda is dangerous. It will wreck your kidneys, cause obesity, its full of neurotoxins, destoys your bones..and I could go on. If you can do one thing for your health today- quit drinking diet soda.

20 Habits That Make You Fat - Drinking soda—even diet The average American guzzles nearly a full gallon of soda every week. Why is that so bad? Because a 2005 study found that drinking one to two sodas per day increases your chances of being overweight or obese by nearly 33 percent. And diet soda is no better. When researchers in San Antonio tracked a group of elderly subjects for nearly a decade, they found that compared to nondrinkers, those who drank two or more diet sodas a day watc...

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Extremely aggressive type of cancer, inflammatory breast cancer is linked to early metastasis and feeble survival rates. Prognosis is even worse for people with tumors expressing the ErbB2 receptor.